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“…which explains the context to the Sefardian songs.

And again one could just admire the vocal mastership of Simone Klebel-Pergmann. Her intense singing changes any moment from bell-like highest tones to a sonorous guttural deep register. Finally she joins with Abados energetic “Hazza” and incites again the auditory to enthusiastic approval.”                   

(Horst Reischenböck 2008)


Simone Klebel- Pergmann presents songs of this world with emotion and a warm sensitive voice. Again and again it is a great pleasure to listen to her because you feel that she is not just singing the texts of the songs, but she is living them.

Accompanied by her excellent musical partners she demonstrates the ability of music to connect peoples.                                

 (F. Bahner Kulturforum Hallein 2007)



Rarely one saw the audience in the Ziegelstadel more attentive than in this concert-evening on Saturday the 18th of February 2006. Simone Klebel- Pergmann and her musical accompanists, all virtuosos on their instruments, knew how to enthuse the auditory. With Sefardian, - Old-Israeli, - Yiddish songs, Arabian and Jewish instrumental music they created a musical bow, which in this quality of sound is unique in austria.                      
(Drehpunkt Kultur 2006)


It was a wonderful experience to be led through the countries of Europe and the Near East by the voices of the singers and the wonderfully played guitar of Marion Ellmer. Especially touching were the Jewish songs...   …so the expression and sensitivity of their musical interpretation led to friendship, melancholy, tenderness and love.

(Georg Reittner- 2005)


…the opera has got a new form through your work. And many of the participants understood this opera for the first time in their live. They met the composition (and also with themselves). Therefore I want to thank you sincerely…..”

(Dr. Stehanie Kathan/Bregenzer Festspiele)